Let Healthcare Providers Service Organization take care of you while you take care of your clients.

At HPSO, we offer a simple, affordable solution to help safeguard your assets, your license and career. When you purchase your own individual professional liability insurance, if a claim arises, your interests come first. Below are some of the coverage features included in our professional liability policy. For a complete list of policy features, click here.


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Coverage and Limits

Professional Liability
$1 million each claim;
$3 million annual aggregate


License Protection
$25,000 annual aggregate

Defendant Expense Benefit
$1,000 per day;
$25,000 annual aggregate

Assault – includes Workplace Violence Counseling*
$25,000 annual aggregate

Damage to Property of Others
$10,000 per incident;
$10,000 annual aggregate

Sexual Misconduct
$25,000 sublimit

Deposition Representation 
$10,000 annual aggregate

Information Privacy
$25,000 annual aggregate

First Aid
$10,000 annual aggregate

Medical Payments
$25,000 per person; $100,000 annual aggregate

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Insuring over 1 million healthcare professionals
HPSO is the largest provider of malpractice insurance in the country and is endorsed by more than 60 national and state associations.


Peace of Mind
HPSO provides malpractice insurance for more than 120 healthcare professions. 96% of individuals who experienced a claim would recommend us to a family member or friend. 


HPSO was founded to provide malpractice insurance to healthcare professionals more than 24 years ago. That expertise and experience that shows when the worst happens and a claim is filed. Our carrier, CNA, has won 90% of cases that go to trial.


Employer provided insurance is focused on protecting your employer.

Healthcare professionals need coverage that puts their interests first.