Let Healthcare Providers Service Organization take care of you while you take care of your clients.

At HPSO, we offer a simple, affordable solution to help safeguard your assets, your license and career. When you purchase your own individual professional liability insurance, if a claim arises, your interests come first. Below are some of the coverage features included in our professional liability policy. For a complete list of policy features, click here.


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Coverage and Limits

Professional Liability
$1 million each claim;
$5 million annual aggregate


License Protection
$25,000 annual aggregate

Defendant Expense Benefit
$1,000 per day;
$25,000 annual aggregate

Assault – includes Workplace Violence Counseling*
$25,000 annual aggregate

Damage to Property of Others
$10,000 per incident;
$10,000 annual aggregate

Sexual Misconduct
$25,000 sublimit

Deposition Representation 
$10,000 annual aggregate

Information Privacy
$25,000 annual aggregate

First Aid
$10,000 annual aggregate

Medical Payments
$25,000 per person; $100,000 annual aggregate

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Insuring more than 75,000 counselors
HPSO is the largest provider of malpractice insurance in the country.  Our carrier, CNA, has won 90% of cases that go to trial. 


ACA Endorsed Coverage
For more than 12 years the ACA has endorsed the malpractice coverage offered through HPSO.  96% of individuals who experienced a claim would recommend us to a family member or friend.


Peace of Mind
Do you have an extra $46,900 lying around? That's the average cost for a counseling professional to defend a lawsuit. Add another $129,900 if the claim is settled against you.


Employer provided insurance is focused on protecting your employer.

Counselors need coverage that puts their interests first.